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  HK needs stronger common interests

  The number of people participating in radical protests in Hong Kong has significantly dropped. However, few violent protesters still act rampantly. Because Hong Kong is at the crossroads of worsening the situation or restoring order, there is greater confrontation among people with different positions. The voice against violence has become louder, but those who raise the US flags and the British flags are also moreunscrupulous.


  With the support of the central government, both the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Hong Kong police have shown a greater ability to control the situation. But it is still difficult torestore order in Hong Kong, rebuild the authority of the rule of law and unite most Hong Kong citizens.


  Hong Kong is a separate customs territory and adopts capitalism. It is open to Western society. If the US wants to infiltrate into China, Hong Kong would be the easiest. Because of the sensitivity of the "one country, two systems" principle, it may not be a serious matter if American or Britishspecial agentsslip into Hong Kong and even engaged in activities. However, if the mainland's police cooperate with Hong Kong police, some people will make a big fuss. This shows how radical and complicated current public opinion is.


  Is Hong Kongdestined tobe chaotic? Definitely not. Although some in Hong Kong want damage on all sides, most Hongkongers would not agree. Long-term chaos is not in line with the interests of most Hong Kong citizens. Whether these citizens have national recognition as Chinese people or hold passports from Western countries, they would prefer Hong Kong's prosperity and stability because their interests are linked to the city.


  CBC News reported in August that there are over 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong. The Wall Street Journal reported in July that there are about 80,000 Americans in the city. There are even more Hongkongers who hold British overseas passports, but these holders are still different from British people.


  Most of those who hold American, British or Canadian passports in Hong Kong have settled in Hong Kong. They either have nowhere else to go, or face difficulty moving back to the US, the UK or Canada. They enjoy welfare and freedom in Hong Kong, and it would be best if Hong Kong's situation remains good. Indeed, their values are in line with American, British and Canadian societies, but this does not mean they will stand with these countries if these countries want tomess Hong Kong up.


  Such being the case, Hongkongers who do not hold Western passports should have more reason to support an orderly Hong Kong.


  Hong Kong society has a complicated internal structure and faces various external factors that disturb society. To maintain its harmony, all classes and groups in Hong Kong need to have strong common interests. Hong Kong needs prosperity, and there must be paths for everyone in such prosperity. Hong Kong needsmagnanimityto face the world, and equality to face the bottom of society. Thus, there would be less division in the city.


  Hong Kong should restore stability as soon as possible based on the Basic Law. Hong Kong's politics has beendeviated. Some forces regard Hong Kong's politics as a country's politics. These forces are doomed to fail.


  Hong Kong has broad space for profit distribution andcultural diversity, as long as the city is politically stable. To treasure Hong Kong's rule of law is to treasure Hong Kong's future.








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