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  Zunhua Group Platform launched the column of Tibet Recommendation. With the help of the platform of Zunhua Group, the column recommends to collectors the art works selected by many experts of the Palace Museum, so that the value of thousands of art treasures can be discovered and valued.



  As we all know, ancient coins are an important part of a country's history. As far as the specific era of its emergence is concerned, they not only represent the vicissitudes and changes of Chinese currency and culture in each historical era, but also reflect the prosperity and decline of our history, politics and economy. From this point of view, they have high artistic and ornamental value and cultural relics textual research value. On the other hand, coins are mostly made of precious metals or silver, which are non-renewable, beautifully carved patterns, elegant and powerful writing. Their contents are very interesting, and their artistic collection value is incalculable because of their glittering silver.


  Collection recommendation - guangdong shuanglong shou character coin


  持 宝 人- 烟台陈先生

  Treasure bearer - yantai Chen



  The front of the coin is divided into two parts: outside the bead ring, the upper end is "made in guangdong province", the bottom of the coin is "kuping weight one or two", the left and right sides of a bat pattern, the bat pattern cast on the currency surface, take "bat" (" fu ") word homophonic; Within the bead circle, there are manchu, Chinese "guangxu ingot" four characters.

  The back of the coin is also bounded by the bead ring: outside the bead ring, there is a pattern of two dragons playing with beads, with two dragons with clear lines. The casting technology is divine and the dragon body lines are exquisite, with the sea of clouds as the background, just like the dragon soaring in the sky, extremely magnificent. Inside the bead ring, there is a round "longevity", corresponding to the "bat" on the front, which constitutes the meaning of "double happiness and longevity".


  The unique position of "guangdong double dragon and longevity silver coin" in Chinese modern official silver coin casting mechanism is beyond doubt. These COINS are all Chinese Long Yang design silver (including foreign offering all silver), exquisite workmanship, carver perfect, FuDiaoGan strong varieties, mirror surface level off is smooth, grain phase lines is very clear, especially the guangdong seven series of COINS casting fine money, word mouth, tooth deep lines and edges, entirely foreign casting style of specimen.


  Collection recommendation - beiyang guangxu ingot seven money two


  持 宝 人- 烟台陈先生


  The collection in this paper is delicate in appearance, with the package pulp in the bone, the old and natural, the deep typing mouth is clear, the circulation trace is obvious, the side teeth are clear, and the dragon scale is clear. The Chinese characters "guangxu ingot" are cast inside the bead ring on the front of the coin, "made in beiyang" in the upper ring book, and "kuping seven COINS and two cents" in the lower ring.


  Coinage in the middle of the back is flat dragon diagram, surrounded by English around, the left side of the flat dragon visible Arabic numerals "26", thus visible, this coin is made in the northern ocean 26 years guangxu ingot, very precious. Flat dragons are bearded dragons, their eyes bright and round; Dragon scale carving dense and deep, flying clouds and fog, strong body posture; Full head, long claw publicity, power and domineering, shenwu powerful; Dragon body entrenched sun, all show royal majesty atmosphere. Make a clear eye, the absolute being dragon on money face as if be vividly portrayed, however wonderful however qiao, lifelike, have extremely high investment value and collect value.



  持 宝 人- 烟台陈先生

  本文“大清银币(长须龙)宣统三年”,直齿边。该币正面珠圈内为汉文“大清银币”四字,珠圈外上下为满、汉文“宣统三年”字样,左右两侧分列长枝菊花纹饰。背面“壹圆”二字坐中,外围是巨龙腾空,自上至左向右环绕一周,七根尾须向上,龙头置上,两根长须下垂,鼻梁突起,两眼炯炯有神,龙纹精细,火球在下,下方边缘是英文“壹圆”。 设计新颖,制作精良,存世稀少,极具收藏价值。

  This article "qing dynasty silver coin (long beard dragon) xuantong three years", straight teeth edge. The coin front bead ring for the Chinese "qing silver" four words, bead ring up and down for manchu, Chinese "xuantong three years" words, on the left and right sides of the long branch chrysanthemum decoration. The back of the "one round" two words sit in, the periphery is the dragon flying, from top to left to right around the circle, seven tails up, leading on, two long beard drooping, nose protruding, two eyes bright, fine dragon, fireball under, under the edge is English "one round". The design is novel, the production is excellent, the existence is rare, has the collection value extremely.


  This coin silver is exquisite, the solid color is uniform, the side tooth is clear and the interval is balanced, the font engraving does not lose the iron picture silver hook, the feeling of natural, but the dragon body and the dragon Lin are the engraving exquisite and the exquisite atmosphere, the relief feeling is strong. Silver dollar exudes a king's demeanor and historical precipitation breath. And wrap thick slurry, qin lubricious nature, have black qin dye this is the mark that coin classics hundreds of years nature oxidizes this, article photograph also keeps very perfect, cover rare, it is rare actually one, have quite high collect value!


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