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  Yan house is located on the flat floor beside the river in guangzhou, where we can have a panoramic view of the pearl river. The owner of the house is a single female white-collar fashion, have their own unique way of life. As a delicate independent woman in the new era, she has a romantic fantasy in her heart, but does not follow the trend. She likes to have a gentle conversation with the world, and stays at home is her most enjoyable state.



  Designer by friend contact to homeowners have to decorate the woodworking completed, due to the drag before, homeowners also don't know their specific want to feeling, plus material mess, house advocate initiation of new ideas, abort the existing pattern redesigned decorate, the owner said, "I want to receive a large French window, enough space, concise and comfortable, when the sun shining down so comfortable".




  In the case of the original model for the three rooms, for the original designer on pattern did not change master room door to the balcony, designed designers will focus on the big French window, to receive enough space, concise and comfortable on a few key points, including the sitting room dining-room, ratio of the master bedroom cloakroom, became the key point adjustment to the case.




  Modified model diagram, connect the sitting room the wall body of master room all removed, and then divides the space reasonable increase the sitting room TV hiding ark, and bath crock, out to form the big French window of the sitting room balcony, because homeowners hope can one office in a public area, west kitchen, party, and other functions, stylist designed a multi-function island Taiwan, meet the demands of the owner.




  Door is opposite guest dining-room, make corridor grid to do porch with black iron, in half cover half cover while increasing adornment effect, black iron makes corridor grid make it the form of sliding door, it looks like sliding door, it is fixed screen actually. Without complicated decoration and color, it is simple, fresh and fashionable. Designers through the selection of materials, spatial function of cutting and delicate aesthetics to create a casual home environment.



  The floor-to-ceiling Windows of the living room receive the baptism of sunshine. With the "White, ash and wood" color of the whole house, the living room space looks spacious and bright, adding a quiet and elegant rest environment.



  The living room is designed without main lamp, using point-like light source + linear lamp to bring illumination; On the one hand, let the light be distributed more even, avoided to use advocate the effect that the lamp brings resplendent and magnificent, build the space temperament that gives low-key and inside collect; On the other hand, linear lamp belt has line aesthetic feeling and stereo feeling alone, can bring different vision to experience.



  Knocked out the sliding door of the living room balcony, the whole balcony into the living room, to meet the house owner's longing for large French Windows, the whole row of TV cabinets can receive the usual pieces, designers looking for the owner's artistic resonance, and natural touch of emotional exchange, presents a comfortable atmosphere at home.




  Sofa metope is given priority to with paint of gay-blue wall, right side column leaves white designeedly, left a small groove of 2 centimeters in column upper part, insert black metal, with the echo of photograph of the metal corridor grid that enters porch place, look whole space is very coherent, have continuity, increase contemporary feeling at the same time; Brunet cloth art sofa and light color cane chair are united in wedlock, there is very big contrast on color, material qualitative, but put together appear quite harmonious however.


  灰蓝墙漆与白色烤漆造型电视柜结合显得有些小调皮,但加上实木地板的纹路使之又沉稳了许多,音响是【限量色】B&O Beoplay A9。

  The union of TV ark of modelling of gray blue wall lacquer and white paint that bake appears a little mischievous, but the grain that adds real wood floor makes it composed again a lot of, acoustics is [set limit to color] B&O Beoplay A9.



  Large floor-to-ceiling Windows can take in the scenery outside the window. Plain and natural stone materials are introduced into the walls, with white gauze curtain feet and solid wooden floor. Sitting on the rattan chair for a rest and reading the magazines beside you, life becomes comfortable. Outdoor mountains and water color as if the letter to twist, you can sit everywhere, immersed in nature at any time.




  Dining-room continued the integral effect of the sitting room, show the new idea that gives oneself again at the same time, table is water and connect with a whole walnut actually and become, this area is used at repast not only, also can use computer office here at ordinary times, table island one body, it is the factory that seeks after stylist design is good to order.



  Black, white, grey and wood ornaments run through the space. MELT chandelier is inspired by melted glass, polished by mirror and metallized by vacuum, shaping into irregular shapes, like patterns of melting glacier interior, hot magma or deep space. This is the illume inspiration of an organic, naturalism, have special optical effect, use absorb eyeball all the more in living in a space.


  In the design of the open space, the living room and dining room are connected to each other, and the wood color is used flexibly to give the space a warm touch. The yellow wood floor is chosen to expand the sense of spatial layering. The creative lighting design and the overall spatial material are harmonious and three-dimensional, highlighting the modern and fashion.



  The face that processing becomes a whole on design of TV ark and wall body, host room, the door of host room was designed invisible door form, used the wood that has simple sense to act the role of a face to build a casual "door", the backside that enters this door can discover a different world.


  Stylist enjoys the purity that extremely brief design brings and refined very much, do one's best small space function is maximized, custom-made have "receive function" whole face cabinet put oneself in another's position, all sorts of sundry had optimal shelter place.





  Right side of TV ark can enter advocate lie, the union with door and dark brown clapboard clever together, bring integrality to the space while increasing privacy sex.





  Study whole face blackish green wall + reaches the top to open bookcase to become the pen that absorbs eyeball, dish form droplight illuminated whole room, as if to let people place oneself at book sea, roam inside, doing the commonest triviality, these ordinary moment compose the warmest part in the life.




  Bedroom style continues the contemporary and extremely simple wind of the sitting room, low-key and downy match colors, reduce too much interior packaging design to make a more comfortable and concise bedroom environment, tonal give priority to with gray, loosen body every nerve, time becomes slow here, give her the illicit close space that suits alone to think. Focus on the peace of the moment and take the time to talk to yourself to bring her more insight and expectations.



  The dark gray background wall makes the space much softer,Seeddesign, a delicate gold chandelier on a solid wood bedside table, breaks the silence of the space. The whole space is simple atmosphere, simple and not fussy, to create a quiet, elegant sleep space.





  Walk-in cloakroom is customized by the carpentry master on the spot. The left and right sides are the folding area, and the lower part is a number of drawers that can store socks, neckties and other small clothes. The classification is clear to meet the requirements of the owner of the house for storage.





  Stylist continued the match colors scheme of whole space, white of original wood color collocation and black, avoid the depressive feeling of modelling toilet, appear here bright, relaxed and beautiful.







  The whole space of this case USES a variety of modeling stacked space layers, highlighting the essence of pure and quiet, space structure with coherent line and surface to maintain the continuity of the space, so that the main house space will be composed and introvert.


















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